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Cincinnati Opera: Traveling opera shows in public & parks

Cincinnati Opera
(Pictured right) Patricia K. Beggs, general director and CEO, Cincinnati Opera (Credit: Philip Groshong/Courtesy of Cincinnati Opera)

Cincinnati Opera finds innovative ways to connect with the community

To reach a wider audience, the Cincinnati Opera takes its act on the road, performing in parks, churches, schools and even the Cincinnati Zoo.

“What we have learned over the years, and I’ve been with the company for three decades, is that we at the Cincinnati Opera are most effective when we are presenting works that expand out into the community and can create a community dialogue,” says Patricia K. Beggs, general director and CEO of the Cincinnati Opera.

Whether it’s through masterworks such as Carmen and Madame Butterfly or modern works by American composers, the opera finds socially relevant themes that parlay into conversations about important issues throughout Cincinnati’s communities.

What the Cincinnati Opera does

The opera tells stories, and it does it by employing every art form: music, words, sets, costumes and lots of drama. 

”We are committed to connecting with our community,” says Beggs. “Our objectives are to present exciting repertoire, to be welcoming and inclusive, and to serve a number of different audiences.” 

The opera reaches more than 130,000 people a year, but that is not just those who go to Cincinnati Music Hall to see performances. Its patrons attend concerts in parks, schools, community gatherings, ballgames, performances in collaboration with its performing partners, and recently, performances held in its mobile Opera Express, which takes opera to the people via a converted truck. Opera Express is a one-of-a-kind mobile opera theater that travels around the community to bring opera to unexpected places. Patrons can step inside the truck for a free 15-minute performance of opera favorites.

How its people help

Cincinnati Opera views itself as a community resource, whether offering music education in schools, employment for local and regional professionals, opportunities for amateurs to make art, free opera programming, or helping to put Cincinnati on the map with national and international visitors and media reviews.

The team works to be innovative, launching initiatives that make opera more accessible, including podcasts, radio broadcasts, lectures, blogs and titles projected above the stage during performances that translate the opera from its native language to English.

Huntington’s support of Cincinnati Opera through the years has helped the organization remain a vital and self-sustaining member of the community.

“Huntington believes in doing the right thing for their customers. They are committed to the community, innovation and inclusiveness, so we align very closely in our guiding principles,” Beggs says.

About the organization

Name: Cincinnati Opera
City: Cincinnati, Ohio
Phone: (513) 768-5500
Mission: To enrich and connect the community through diverse opera experiences

How you can help

Visit to learn about ways to support the Cincinnati Opera.