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Columbus is the headquarters of Huntington, and our Central Ohio region. Our commitment to investing in all of the communities where we live and work began here with our founder, in 1866.

Cleveland Pelotonia

This is the Cleveland Pelotonia

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Over 1,000 Huntington colleagues will participate in this fundraising bicycle ride across Ohio in 2010. The ride raises money for cancer research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center—James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute.

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About Your Neighborhood

Columbus/Central Ohio Region

Columbus is the headquarters of Huntington, and of our Central Ohio region. Huntington Bank has a long and distinguished history of supporting programs throughout Central Ohio that are designed to enrich the community and create an environment where our children can grow and thrive. The breadth and depth of these efforts range from multi-million dollar programs aimed at the revitalization of major parts of the city to the individual volunteer efforts of Huntington associates at all levels of the corporation. These programs are innovative and creative, and thanks to the partnership between Huntington and local governments and nonprofits, goals have been set and solutions found to area problems. Huntington provides support in a variety of areas including economic development, health care, housing, education and the arts.

Huntington Bank is proud to be in its 146th year as an essential partner in Central Ohio. The leadership and the colleagues at the bank take this role seriously. Several of Huntington’s major efforts were brought full circle in 2011. These programs underscored the innovation that is a hallmark of Huntington’s efforts to support Central Ohio programs and nonprofits for the long-term.

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