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Developing Good Money Habits
Take control of your finances!

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Preparing for College
Understand how to finance higher education.

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Considering Homeownership
Know the process and have confidence when you start looking.

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Personalized Learning
Not sure where to start? Take a five-question quiz to receive a playlist customized to your needs.

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Preparing for Retirement
Let us help you understand your options when planning for retirement.

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Savings Strategies
Learn how to maximize your savings.

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Financial Education

The ability to make informed, effective decisions about using money is key to a family’s stability and to the strength of a community. We want to ensure that every member of our communities, at any age, has access to resources that will help them make informed financial decisions. Whether we are helping kids understand the importance of saving, showing a college student how to use credit wisely, or helping to remove a family’s barriers to homeownership, Huntington believes in the power of financial education. Our community focused Financial Education Programming teaching students of all ages the importance of a financially fit life, and what steps can be taken to grow their financial wellness potential. Additionally, it allows us the opportunity to share our best asset, our people within the community to lead these educational experiences.

Educational experience highlights include:

  • Volunteer-led experience introducing school-age learners from elementary to high school to every day financial decisions through career exploration, financial education, and the hands-on experience of making monthly budgeting decisions during a game of life simulation
  • Volunteer-led live workshops delivering targeted, relevant curriculum designed to improve your financial wellness and knowledge for learners of all ages
  • Volunteer-led gamified learning experience gamified to be interactive and fun for Older Adults on educational areas including fraud and estate planning

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