Savings Goal Getter


Saving money just got easier

Saving money is easier when you know where you’re going and how soon you’ll get there. Savings Goal Getter helps you visualize what you’re saving for and shows your progress along the way. You set the amount and the date you want to reach your goals, and Savings Goal Getter allocates money from your Huntington savings or money market account to each goal to help you get there.

See your goals, reach your goals

It's easier to save money when you're saving for something specific, like a new car or a family vacation. Create up to 10 goals plus an Emergency Fund for each of your Huntington savings and money market accounts.

Save automatically

You can set up automatic transfers of a specific amount from your Huntington checking account to your savings or money market account to make saving even easier.
Success message after setting up a savings goal.

We’ll help you stay on track

Savings Goal Getter will show you how much to save each week to reach your goals. And you'll see your progress along the way.

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