Program Highlights

Huntington's derivative program offers full front, middle, and back office management, including comprehensive FAS 133 accounting assistance and effectiveness testing. We will provide guidance with regulatory requirements and help develop derivatives policies and procedures.

  • Huntington is an experienced market participant having executed over 3,400 trades approximating nearly $12 billion in contract notional principal

  • A well-tested team who can structure a flexible derivatives solution to meet the needs and demands of your balance sheet and your customers

  • Assistance in developing derivatives policies and procedures

  • Partner with your Bank to lend our expertise and assist with the complexities of dealing with regulatory and accounting issues and requirements

  • Comprehensive¬†FAS 133 accounting assistance and effectiveness testing

  • Full front, back and middle office management and support

  • Trade execution by acting as the counterparty or conducting and auction with approved counterparties

  • Internet based derivatives pricing and portfolio management system