Commodity Hedging and Risk Management


Your business is too valuable to be left to chance. Count on Huntington for a customized hedging program tailored to your specific exposure. We manage price risk across several major commodity classes including energy, base metals, and precious metals. Multiple financial strategies govern exposures to commodity price volatility.

Precious Metals Industrial/Base Metals Energy
Gold Aluminum Natural Gas
Silver Copper Gasoline
Platinum Nickel Diesel Fuel
Palladium Zinc Crude Oil
  Lead Fuel Oil/Bunker Fuels
  Tin Jet Fuel
  Steel Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs)

Instruments Available    
Fixed Price Swaps Option Combinations Put Options
Swaptions Collars Call Options

Manage Your Exposure With Confidence
In today's volatile commodity markets, everything from weather patterns and supply disruptions to geopolitical and economic concerns can increase commodity price volatility. Staying on top of your commodity exposure requires time, access and experience. At Huntington, it's a full time-job designed to help you manage the risk.

With more than 40 years of combined financial market experience, our team can help you and your company navigate changing commodity prices and execute appropriate hedging strategies. We engage in a strategic discussion with you that results in a customized approach to hedging and risk management. Huntington's wide range of products can help manage your commodities-related exposures, adding predictability and consistency based on your risk tolerance.

We Start by Getting to Know You
We'll meet with your team, understand your needs, and help you develop and implement a strategy to reduce your exposure to commodity price fluctuation. Moving forward, we remain accessible and involved. And, because we are not making investments, you benefit from our independent approach to the market. We're in this business to help you succeed. From our perspective, it's the start of a long term relationship.

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Managing Director
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Head Trader
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