Huntington Business Security Suite

Payment fraud: it can happen to you
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Don't let payment fraud find you unprepared.
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Security Suite and Easy Export*.

Huntington’s Business Security Suite and Easy Export:

For one low price, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the business fraud protection that the Huntington Business Security Suite delivers.

You get a complete package of services aimed at preventing fraud on your business accounts. Plus, our new Easy Export software adds convenience and efficiency. The Business Security Suite includes:

ACH Risk Manager Plus

Online service that allows you, as a business checking account customer, to actively manage electronic debits (and credits) posting to your account.

Positive Pay

Provides daily verification of checks presented for payment against the issue file of checks; you control payment decisions regarding discrepancies; offers early detection of fraudulent, altered, or counterfeit checks.

Check Block

Eliminates the risk of paper check fraud by creating an electronic checking account. No paper checks can be written to or against it, protecting you from altered, stolen, or counterfeit paper checks.

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Our fraud protection just got better with Easy Export

Introducing Easy Export – a new software that adds convenience and efficiency to the Business Security Suite by automating the process of sending your issue file to the bank.

  • Easily send issue files with just one click – no need to login to Business Online or manually manipulate files to be able to transfer to Huntington.
  • Reduce the need to have IT staff help format issue files into bank standards
  • Easy to set up
* Additional $7 per month charge for Easy Export Software.