Looking for an HSA that includes more investment options?
We offer an alternative HSA for people who want to maximize the tax advantages of an HSA. Talk to your banker about our investment HSA, which offers several attractive mutual funds.* The investment HSA does not currently come with a debit card or checks.


*Investment Products are: Not FDIC insured, Not insured by any federal government agency, Not obligations of, deposits of, or guaranteed by Huntington National Bank or its affiliates.

HSA Information for Employers


Lower the cost of providing health insurance to your employees

Lower insurance costs: High deductible insurance plans typically have lower premiums than HMO or PPO type plans. If you've been hesitant to switch to a high deductible plan because you're unsure how your employees will perceive the change, you may be pleasantly surprised.


The added value of an HSA: Employees are finding that paying for their medical expenses can be less complicated. High deductible plans can provide coverage that measures up well compared with other types of coverage, once you factor in the "out of network" charges, co-pays and items not covered under their old plans that are qualified medical expenses under an HSA. Not only that, but the value of an HSA follows your employees even after they leave the workplace. The money in an HSA belongs to the employee, stays in the account from year to year, and can be used to save for retirement.


Spend less, and give your employees more: Many employers are finding that offering HSAs along with a high deductible plan, and funding the HSAs on behalf of their employees - even up to the full contribution limit - is more cost effective than offering an HMO or PPO-type plan. You may be able to actually lower your employees' out-of-pocket expenses by funding their deductible through an HSA, while paying less for their coverage. If some of your employees are not able to afford the coverage you offer currently, an HSA you fund for them combined with a lower-premium high deductible plan may enable them to afford health coverage for the first time.


Provide an added benefit to your employees at no cost to your business

No employer fees: There are no fees to employers for offering Huntington HSAs to your employees:

  • No employer set-up fees
  • No employer maintenance fees


Employee educational materials are included: Huntington will provide all of the informational materials, answer employee's questions, handle all of the paperwork to set up the accounts and provide year-end printed statements with details of transactions for IRS reporting. Employees will self-enroll via our Web site, so there are no enrollment forms to keep track of. All you need to do is distribute the materials we provide to your employees.


Easy for your benefits department: By taking the administrative work out of your benefits department, Huntington can lower your costs even more. There are no claims forms. No one at your company has to approve anything. Employees own the accounts themselves, and are responsible to the IRS for their own tax reporting. Huntington provides year-end reporting information that your employees will need when filing their taxes. Huntington is available to answer employees' questions every business day via a toll free number.


Team up with your trusted local bank

Comprehensive Business Banking Services: As your trusted bank, Huntington has been around since 1866. Our business is understanding and serving all of your financial needs. HSAs are part of the package of services and guidance you'll receive as a valued client.


A name your employees trust: Your employees know we've been serving families in their communities for generations. We understand the consumer banking business, and have the expertise to meet all of your employees' banking needs.


Flexibility: Huntington provides HSAs to your employees that are not tied to the insurance company you choose for your high deductible health plan. You are free to change your insurer at any time, and it will have no effect on your employees' HSAs.


We do the work for you: There is no cost to you to offer HSAs to your employees through Huntington. We'll help you set up a process to fund the HSAs on behalf of your employees, if you choose to do so. We'll provide experts to answer your employees' questions, and handle the paperwork for you.


To learn more...

Call 1-800-676-4074 Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. E.T.


For help with your insurance options*, contact a licensed Huntington Insurance representative at 1-800-480-7283, Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. E.T.


*Insurance products are offered by Huntington Insurance Agency Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated and underwritten by third party insurance carriers not affiliated with Huntington Insurance Agency Services, Inc. Insurance products are Not FDIC insured, Not insured by any federal government agency, Not obligations of, deposits of, or guaranteed by Huntington National Bank or its affiliates.