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Huntington Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

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Tax-free earnings on your money

  • Earn competitive interest rates. Interest income grows tax free.
  • No minimum balance to earn interest
  • FDIC insured account
  • Future offerings will include investment options for your money

Flexible payment options

  • Pay with a Huntington HSA Visa® Debit Card or with a check
  • HSA Checks may be ordered for an additional fee by contacting HSA customer service at 1-800-676-4074

Access to your account

  • Online access to account information
  • Monthly statements mailed to you
  • Year-end printed statement with details of deposits and transactions for IRS reporting

Low cost

  • No monthly fee, no annual fee, no set-up fees, no fees for withdrawals
  • No fees to your account for employer contributions


Rates   Enroll


Lower your taxes today

Whether you fund your HSA yourself or your employer funds it for you, contributions may lower your taxable income.2

HSA spending on qualified medical expenses is never taxed

As long as you purchase a product or service that is on the IRS list of qualified medical expenses, you will never be taxed.

Control your own money and healthcare choices

Once the money is in your HSA account, even if it came from your employer, it's yours to keep. You can keep it if you move to a different employer. You can keep it if you move to a different insurance plan.

You don't have to spend it in the same year you contributed, because the money rolls over from year to year. You don't have to spend it at a specific pharmacy or doctor's office and there are no in-network or out-of-network exclusions. As long as you are using the money for qualified medical expenses, you can choose where and when you use it.

You can spend HSA dollars on your spouse or dependent, even if they're not covered by your insurance plan.

You can spend HSA dollars on products and services typically not covered by insurance plans such as laser eye surgery, chiropractic care and some fertility treatments.

Tax savings for retirement and estate-planning

Interest income grows tax-free. At age 65, you can withdraw money for any purpose and pay income tax rates applicable at that time. At age 65, you can continue to use the money for qualified medical expenses tax-free. HSAs are inheritable assets.


1  No fees for transactions using Huntington ATMs. You will be responsible for any surcharge assessed by the owner of a non-Huntington ATM or other terminal. We have no control over whether or not a surcharge is imposed or disclosed at the ATM or terminal. If a surcharge is imposed, it may be included as part of the withdrawal amount.

2 Consult your tax advisor for further information.