Security, Meet Opportunity. Market Linked CDs.

If you want principal security and the potential for higher interest rates, Market Linked CDs offered through The Huntington Investment Company may be a good choice for your money. They combine the safety of a FDIC-insured certificate of deposit (CD) with the potential of market gains.

Here’s how they work: The principal you invest in a Market Linked CD is tied to the returns of certain asset classes—so if the assets perform well, you’ll receive an upside payment. In fact, even if the market experiences a loss, only your interest is at risk and you will still receive 100% of your deposited principal, when held to maturity.

Are Market Linked CDs right for you?

+ Linked to the market for greater potential for higher returns than traditional deposit products
- If the value of the market or index falls, it is possible you may not receive interest
+ The principal in a Market Linked CD is FDIC-insured up to applicable limits
- If your principal is withdrawn before maturity you will may be subject to a penalty which may result in loss of principal
+ Returns are typically paid into a Money Market account

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