Top 10 Investment Predictions for 2018

What investors should expect in the year ahead, from tax reform to global expansion

2017 was a good year for many investors, especially those who diversified into global stocks. Strong equity returns was the year’s biggest highlight, with some stocks offering double-digit gains. Just one example is the average balanced mutual fund, which returned more than 13 percent, marking the third-best return since 2009.

So what should investors expect in 2018? John Augustine, Huntington’s chief investment officer, shares the Private Bank’s top 10 list of predictions for the year.

  1. Global GDP soars
  2. Artificial intelligence grows as governments debate it
  3. Global markets are watching world events
  4. U.S. economy starts to get some ‘animal spirits’ back
  5. It’s the year of the actives
  6. Markets are a “first half, second half” story
  7. Which market will be right: bonds, stocks or commodities?
  8. Corporate and municipal bond supply shrink
  9. It’s the year of the Midwest economy

We examine each of these predictions in the following report.

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