Data Exchange

Do you maintain account relationships with multiple financial institutions? If so, you may appreciate the benefits of establishing one centralized account management system. Huntington’s Data Exchange service enables you to manage all of your accounts, without the hassle of separately contacting each financial institution.

Data Exchange features Inbound and Outbound service.

Designed to meet all your account management needs, our service offers both inbound and outbound data exchange. To use Huntington as your reporting bank, simply have your account information forwarded to us from other financial institutions. Use Business Online to access inbound information along with your Huntington account information 24/7.

If you select another financial institution as your information reporting bank, we will send your outbound Huntington account information to the bank you designate. It’s as easy as that.

Save time and money, while consolidating your account management.

Tired of wasting time and energy juggling multiple systems to access account information? Huntington’s Data Exchange consolidates all your account data and delivers the information you need, when you need it, from one central source. Requested information is forwarded and/or updated electronically and daily.

Want to learn more about Business Online? Contact your Huntington representative, visit your local Huntington banking office, or contact Customer Service.