Visual Lockbox

Would you like to view your lockbox payments as they are processed at the bank? Do you need to know who paid, how much they paid and for what?

With Visual Lockbox, you will receive same-day images of your lockbox checks and invoices.

Electronic images provide current-day payment information.

Huntington’s Visual Lockbox is an enhanced wholesale lockbox service that provides you with electronic images of your checks and remittance documents and other deposit information the SAME DAY the deposit is made. Images are available throughout the day via the Internet, and monthly, weekly or daily on CD-ROM.

Easy Internet access

Visual Lockbox provides a safe and secure channel to:

  •   Download your remittance data.
  •   Set an alert for daily job completion, or by a specific event.
  •   Download special reports.
  •   Find information with the flexible search capabilities.
  •   Download your check images.
  •   Research images online for 6 months.

Convenient CD-ROM delivery

CD-ROM delivery of your lockbox activity simplifies archiving and satisfies needs for disaster recovery:

  •   Speed research and inquiries with various sort and search options.
  •   Store more than 20,000 images on our high capacity CD-ROMs.
  •   Eliminate costly installation, since our image reader is on every disk.

Visual Lockbox creates efficiencies with online images.

Expedite posting: Update to your accounts receivable system in a real-time environment with Visual Lockbox.
Improve customer relations: Ship product and deliver services as soon as payments are received in your lockbox.
Redeploy resources to a more productive end: Minimize manual filing and streamline research with online image access.
Increase efficiency: Access images without waiting on other departments or users. Visual Lockbox accommodates multiple users; a designated system administrator within your company establishes employee access.

Companion services include:
Information Reporting
Zero Balance Accounting
Automated Funds Investment

To learn more about Online Visual Lockbox, contact a Business Banker at your local banking office or call the Business Service Center at 1-800-480-4862 weekdays, 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET.