Check 21

Learn more about Check 21 legislation that went into effect October 28, 2004.

Global Payments

Foreign Exchange  

In order to meet today’s competitive demands, even local businesses are forced to think globally. Huntington Foreign Exchange helps give you the global competitive edge you need.
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Import Letters of

Overseas suppliers frequently require Letters of Credit to back their working capital loans. With our LC you pay nothing until we have examined documents indicating the goods have been shipped. Learn more.

International Wire Transfer   

Wire Transfer is a real-time means to transfer and receive funds and supporting information between banks within the United States and around the world with the highest level of security.
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Standby Letters of Credit  

There are times when you may require a bank to back up an obligation of a third party. You can do this with a Huntington Standby Letter of Credit issued in your favor.
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Documentary Collections  

Are your overseas buyers slow in paying? Do they want extended terms? Do foreign suppliers hesitate to sell to you on open account? Huntington acts as your agent to manage the risk on both sides.
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Bankers Acceptance Financing  

If you are importing, exporting or purchasing goods domestically, you may need financing for up to 180 days. A Banker’s Acceptance is a low cost loan over the normal cash conversion cycle for a specific shipment or lot of inventory. Learn more.

Canadian Checking Account  

The Huntington Canadian Account allows you to keep balances denominated in Canadian dollars (CAD), in order to avoid the trouble and expense of multiple foreign exchange transactions. Learn more.

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