Check Positive Pay

Spending too much time worrying about loss from altered or counterfeit checks? Rest easier with Huntington Check Positive Pay.

Peace of mind for high-volume, high-dollar or multiple accounts

Huntington Check Positive Pay automates daily monitoring. Use your PC or mainframe computer to transmit the dollar amount, date, payee and other pertinent issue information for each check you write. We will compare the amount and serial number of each check presented, and report all discrepancies by 8:30 a.m. ET the next morning via Business Online, our online access system. You will have the ability to view images of all of your exceptions and make all of your pay/return decisions online. Huntington has also made it easy by adding alert capabilities to Check Positive Pay. You now have the ability to set up an email alert to notify you that you have exceptions that need to be viewed.

Solve problems before they get out of hand.

Huntington Check Positive Pay enables you to verify checks for payment, and return fraudulent checks as soon as they post to your account – not days or weeks later. Collection times decrease as your ability to identify suspect checks increases. Recovery opportunities decrease for every day collection is delayed. Your ability to attack problems within 24 hours is crucial.

Huntington has added a whole new level of customer protection in our banking offices. We have enabled our banking office associates to validate checks presented for cash against your issue file at the teller line. Potential fraudulent activity can be stopped before it occurs.

ACH Debit Blocks and ACH Debit Filters

With ACH Blocks, you can stop any incoming ACH credit, ACH debit, or both against your account. This can prevent any unauthorized electronic transactions from occurring on your account.

With ACH Filters, you can tell us to block all incoming ACH transaction except for specific companies and/or specific dollar thresholds. This can prevent unauthorized transactions while allowing certain transactions to occur as expected.

To learn more about Huntington Check Positive Pay, contact a Business Banker at your local Huntington banking office or call Business Direct at 1-800-480-2001 Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET.