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Up-to-the-minute account information on every facet of your business 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
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Account Transfers  

If you have more than one Huntington business account and have a need to transfer money between the business accounts, use Account Transfers so you can electronically transfer money between Huntington business accounts. There is no fee to do the transfer.
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Check Inquiry  

If you want to know if a check has cleared/paid, use the Check Inquiry service to receive the information. You will have the capability to do a single or range inquiry.
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Stop Payment  

Online Stop Payment Service offers an electronic means for check inquiry, placement of a stop payment, cancellation of stop payment and photocopy requests.
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If you need a copy of a check, use the Online Photocopy service to request a copy. You can either get it faxed or mailed to you.
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ACH Internet enables you to initiate a broad range of ACH transactions from payroll direct deposits and vendor payments to tax payments.
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Wire Transfer  

A real-time method of transferring available funds and supporting information to virtually any domestic or foreign financial institution, Huntington Wire Transfer lets you initiate repetitive or non-repetitive payments right from your desktop.
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Positive Pay  

Improve your check disbursement methods, save time and reduce your exposure to fraud risk with Positive Pay.
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Global Trade Access (GTA)  

Global Trade Access for Importers provides exclusive import letter of credit software.
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Visual Lockbox  

With Visual Lockbox, you will receive same-day images of your lockbox checks and invoices.
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Huntington Business Bill Pay  

Huntington Business Bill Pay gives you secure online access to pay bills and send money when it is most convenient to you.
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Merchant Card Services/Credit Card Processing  

Give your customers the convenience they expect when they walk through your door with Huntington’s Merchant Services Program. We’ll help you get set up and be with you every step of the way.
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Centralized Returns  

Is your inability to collect returned items eating away at your reported revenues? Using a special endorsement stamp at the point-of-sale, Huntington’s Centralized Returns program will consolidate your returned deposited items.
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