Huntington’s business access system gives you up-to-the-minute account balance information and transaction detail. You have access 24/7 to bank-formatted reports or custom-formatted reports. If you prefer a customized format, you can build your own previous or current day report.

  • Save time by viewing all of your business account balances in one place.
  • View balances and transaction detail for a previous business day or for a range of dates for up to the past 12 months.
  • View single images of paid checks, deposit tickets, credit and debit memos that have posted in the last 90 calendar days.
  • Search for any transaction that posted within the last 12 months.
  • Make informed decisions about your daily funding requirements by viewing up-to-the-minute business day balances and transaction detail for all business checking and savings accounts. The Current Day option gives you immediate access to intra-day activity for Controlled Disbursement items, Lockbox deposits, ACH transactions, Electronic Check Deposits and Wire Transfers.
  • Use Special Reports to eliminate paper statements like your daily Automated Funds Investment reports, Returned Items or Account Reconcilement. Special Reports can also be exported to .TXT format.
  • View Commercial Loan and Line of Credit payment and rate change history for up to the past 120 calendar days.
  • Create your own previous day or current day report.
  • Export data into your own accounting software system or spreadsheet by using CSV (Comma Separated Value), BAI (Bank Administrative Institute), Quicken, or QuickBooks file formats.
  • Consolidate Huntington and non-Huntington account information with our Data Exchange service.
  • View up to 2 years of Deposit Account Statement and Account Analysis Statements easily and securely online with Online Statements.

Business Online gives you convenient access to all Huntington business applications. To see what Business Online can do for your business, take a tour.

Want to learn more about Business Online? Contact your Huntington representative, visit your local banking office, or contact Customer Service.