Huntington National Bank
Simplify your record keeping with Visual Archive CD-ROM

Huntington Visual Archive offers a convenient, cost-effective and efficient way to eliminate cumbersome boxes of cancelled checks and old deposits. Visual Archive lets you safely and securely:

Store and retrieve images of up to 20,000 cancelled checks, deposit tickets, deposit items and debit/credit memos on a single CD.

Receive your CDs weekly, monthly or on another schedule that fits your needs.

Search and sort by account number, check number, date, dollar amount or any combination of these to quickly retrieve results.

And if you need to easily locate copies of old checks for audit or research,
Visual Archive Anycheck is a one-time CD service with the ability to:

Capture images of post-dated paid checks and deposit tickets.

Retrieve images from the past seven years for Huntington customers, and five years for Sky Bank customers.

Contact your Huntington banker or call 1-866-921-2545 to learn more.