Keep Celebrating the Good

Kindness is everywhere, our mission is to share it.

An Ohio gym teacher channels his inner Santa to spread joy.

Why? Because he believes “every kid deserves a Christmas.” We believe he deserves some kindness, too.

A Dream Fieldtrip
A teacher changes their perspectives.

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The Dog Angel
Rescuing dogs. And people.

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Family Portrait
A daughter's gift.

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Neighborhood Pick-Up
A surprise on the route.

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Sisters Come First
Making Dad proud.

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The Legend of Mudd
World's best neighbor.

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A Family Meal
For the family’s rock.

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My Vets
Best Christmas Ever.

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More than a School
A community of support.

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More than anything, we need kindness right now. Join us, and spread some kindness in your neighborhood.

More random kindness we helped spread.

AJ. From Mom.
Terri’s oldest son, AJ, is a Navy Vet and a thoughtful, kind young man who suffers from PTSD. Thanks to his perseverance, he has found work and his own apartment, and Terri wanted him to have a little something nice for his home. She gifted him a new living room set to show how proud she is of all he has accomplished.

Andy. From Leah.
Leah’s daughter, Andy, does everything she can to care for her 12 year-old son while she’s also battling cancer. But household chores have fallen by the wayside. Leah was able to help Andy shop for new furniture to create a more comfortable home for her daughter and grandson during this trying time.

Dad. From Trisha.
Trisha’s dad has been retired and on disability for 10 years. He spends most of the day in a recliner that is so broken he needs to kneel and use the adjacent couch to hoist him onto the chair. “It breaks my heart to see this when I visit him,” she said. “If I could afford it, I would buy him a new chair.” Trisha gifted her dad a brand new recliner.

Kathy. From Mary.
As the longtime receptionist at Mary’s accounting firm, Kathy always sets an uplifting and positive tone for the entire office. Despite some personal challenges and the struggle to raise two kids as a single parent, Kathy always shows up with a smile on her face. Mary gifted Kathy a spa day for some much deserved self-care.

Heather. From Sarah.
Sarah’s selfless friend, Heather, has had a rough few years battling personal and health challenges. All her time, money, and energy goes into raising her four kids and on regaining her strength. As Heather prepares to re-enter the workforce, Sarah gifted her a shopping spree to get some much-needed new clothes and help boost her self-esteem.

Pat and Kelly. From Denise.
Pat and Kelly are the superhero front office staff at the elementary school where Denise is an aide. They handle everything from band aids to Covid protocols and always with a smile, even though both have suffered personal loss recently. Denise wanted to recognize their hard work and show them just how appreciated they really are. She gifted them both a spa day for a well-earned break.

Eric’s family. From Janet.
Janet’s co-worker, Eric, passed unexpectedly leaving a girlfriend and young son behind. Janet was always struck by Eric’s friendly, positive demeanor, day in, day out. Janet was able to establish a college fund for Eric’s young son.