Privacy & Security

Your safety and security is our top priority. To learn how we help protect you and your information, and for ways to help protect yourself, read more here and below.
Learn how to catch a phish before it catches you.

How We Help Protect You

Huntington's Security Commitment
We are committed to providing a secure online experience for our current and prospective customers.

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Huntington's Online Guarantee
You can be certain your money is safe and your payments will be sent on time. In fact, we guarantee it.

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Recent Cyber Threats
Learn how Huntington is responding and helping to protect you against recent or emerging cyber security threats.

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Huntington's Consumer Information Privacy Notice
Learn about the privacy guidelines Huntington uses when we talk with you or share your information.

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Online Privacy Policy
Our Online Privacy Policy explains how we collect, share, use, and protect information when you visit or use our sites.

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Do Not Call Policy
Huntington honors the do not call preferences of our current and prospective customers.

Huntington's Do Not Call Policy

How You Can Help Protect Yourself

Password Security
Read about what you can do to help create (and remember) strong passwords.

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Rebuilding Your Identity

Just found out your identity was stolen? Stay calm. Act quickly. Start here.

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Tax Fraud

Learn how to help protect yourself from tax fraud.



Identity Theft

Learn about identity theft and how to help protect yourself and your information.

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Data Privacy
Your personal and financial information is valuable. Learn how to help keep your private data private.

Consumer tip sheet

Business tip sheet

How to Report Fraud
Contact us immediately if you think your account has been compromised. Also learn how to file a dispute online.

Report fraud on your account

Dispute a charge to your account

Computer Security
Browse computer safety tips for your home, mobile and work devices.

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Common Types of Fraud

Learn about common types of fraud and how to help protect yourself.

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Common Scams
Learn about common – and less well-known – types of scams being used today.

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Online Security for Business Owners

Review recommended best practices to help reduce potential fraudulent business activity.

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Online Banking
Help protect yourself while banking online with these security tips and suggestions.

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Card Security
Review the latest security tips for safely using debit and credit cards.

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Mobile Security

Learn how to help protect your mobile device and mobile banking account information.

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Phone Phishing

With the number of phone scams increasing, learn how to help protect yourself and your information.

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Email Phishing

Scammers are getting more sophisticated and harder to spot. Review our latest tips to help avoid email fraud.

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Text Phishing

Texting is another way criminals try to fool you into providing personal information. Learn how to help protect yourself.

Be Safe on Social Networks
Browse our suggestions to safely surf social network sites – while still having fun.

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