Personal Safety During Social Unrest

Looking out for each other isn’t just something we say; it’s how we do business. Demonstrations, protests, and civil disobedience play a significant role in advocating for change and raising awareness about critical issues. While protests can be impactful, they may pose safety risks. The following tips can help customers and their families navigate protests safely and responsibly.

Top 5 Safety Tips

  • Stay Informed and Aware: Understanding the context and purpose of a protest is crucial. Stay informed about the issues being addressed and the goals of the demonstration.
  • Be Prepared and Plan Ahead: If you find yourself in the vicinity of a protest, have a plan in place. Know your surroundings and establish communication protocols with friends or family.
  • Embrace Respect: Uphold principles of respect for others. Avoid escalating tensions or engaging in confrontations.
  • Remain Alert and Calm: Stay vigilant of your surroundings and remain composed in potentially tense situations. If something seems suspicious, dangerous, or threatening, report it to local security or call 911 in the event of an emergency. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.
  • Have an Exit Strategy: Always have a plan for leaving an impacted area safely. Identify exit routes and alternative options.

Additional Personal Safety Tips