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Business Online is a comprehensive online banking platform that provides access to tools and resources that help you manage cash flow and optimize working capital.

Business Online Features

Liquidity and Reporting

Financial management is not possible without timely and proactive reporting. Current day and historical information that is critical to perform bank reconcilement, payables and receivables management and to satisfy audit or prepare for taxes is all available online.

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Payables Management
Make and manage repetitive and ad hoc payments to vendors, employees and tax authorities using Payment Center.  Payment Center gives you full control over electronic payment origination (ACH and Wires) including approval workflow for control that creates an audit trail when needed. For internal accounts, access the Account Transfer module to move available cash as needed.

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Receivables Management
Whether your receivables are comprised of checks, cash, cards or e-payments, Business Online has resources to help accelerate your receivables process. In addition, receivables management solutions include tools to assist in cash application.

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Fraud Protection Resources
Huntington offers multiple fraud prevention resources to help mitigate your accounts against both paper and electronic fraud. In addition, the fraud management information can be expanded to include check reconcilement services to save time and money reconciling bank accounts. 

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Commercial Card

Streamline your company's procurement process to maximize your cash, while applying purchasing controls to ensure card use only where you want. Whether you need cards for employees in the field, or you want to integrate a comprehensive expense management program, Huntington has the solution.

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International Services

For companies that conduct business around the world, we offer global trade services to facilitate import and export Letters of Credit, Bankers Acceptance Financing, Check Collection and Export Financing. In addition, you can manage foreign currency risk using Foreign Exchange services.

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Industry Solutions

Whether you are a healthcare provider looking to improve receivables, a franchise owner looking to outfit your point of sale to accept payments or a higher education institution looking to optimize cash through cash concentration and access to funds, our Industry Solutions can help.

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Saving time by setting up alerts. Business Online provides optional alert settings and preset conditions to save you time without compromising your ability to stay informed.

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Delegated Access and User Entitlements
Control who has access to what functions and services. Business Online administrative controls let you modify your company profile, permissions, reporting, account names and other important company information.    

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