eBill Present & Pay

Huntington’s eBill Present & Pay (EBPP) is a comprehensive, configurable electronic billing and payment collection solution that gives businesses more control over how they are paid, automates receivables, and streamlines operations.

Give your customers the flexibility and convenience to view and pay their bills online via a secure payment portal with your branding. The portal can be linked to or fully integrated with your existing website and is accessible from any device. Plus, you can use notifications to drive engagement.

Robust Technology to Benefit Your Business
Efficient Implementation

Enterprise grade software tailored to efficiently meet business needs

Reduce Expenses

Lower print, mail, and postage costs

Secure & Compliant

Ensure payments comply with different industries and payment types

Faster Payment

Improve collection cycles, cash flow, and customer satisfaction

Branded Platform

White-labeled secure platform puts your brand first

Configurable Platform

Point and click provisioning allows you to decide which features suit your business

Features & Functionality

  • Invoice & statement level presentment options
  • Comply with merchant card services levels including Level II & III processing
  • Short & overpayments, dispute management functions
  • Credit memo & management capabilities
  • Account linking: one payment for customers with multiple accounts
More Advantages
  • Total receivables workflow options
  • Seamless integration with advanced API library
  • Receivables management automation
  • Improved cash flow & financial control

To learn more, contact your Relationship Manager or Treasury Management Advisor.

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