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Fluctuations in interest rates, foreign exchange rates, and commodity prices can have an unexpected and dramatic impact on a company. These changes influence an organization’s ability to invest or grow and can even affect the normal course of operations. The Huntington Capital Markets® team will work with you to develop comprehensive strategies to manage exposure and help mitigate risk.

Currency Risk Management

For many businesses, dealing in foreign currency is one of the most critical challenges of the global marketplace. Conducting international business in U.S. dollars alone may help reduce currency exchange risk, but it can also diminish a company’s ability to compete globally. Conversely, if a company deals in local currencies, rate fluctuations can create cost and revenue uncertainty.

With the ability to transact in more than 150 currencies, our local team will help address these risks. Huntington Capital Markets works with you to develop a risk management approach that includes both tailored hedging strategies and payment solutions.

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Interest Rate Exposure

Interest rate volatility can significantly impact borrowing costs and investment account earnings. Huntington Capital Markets® works to insulate clients from unexpected interest expenses by taking a secure, flexible, and independent approach to the market and interest rate management.

Utilizing hedging solutions, the Huntington Capital Markets® team helps you manage business objectives and expectations by addressing the uncertainty around cash flows with a proactive approach to risk mitigation. We can also develop and implement solutions that will help provide security on future financing costs so you can take advantage of current or expected market conditions.

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Commodity Exposure

Commodity prices are unpredictable and can be impacted by a number of factors – from geopolitical unrest to weather patterns. Fluctuations in these revenues, costs, or inventory values – whether it be natural gas, diesel, aluminum, or other commodities – can directly affect a business’s pricing structures, revenues, and bottom line.

Huntington Capital Markets® helps mitigate volatility by developing customized risk management approaches to hedging that are specific to your business’s unique situation. Using this approach, we can help lock in margins and add a measure of predictability and consistency to commodity exposures based on your risk tolerance. Huntington commodity hedging covers energy, metals, and agriculture.

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