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Huntington Insurance provides subject matter experts who guide you through a better way to manage your commercial insurance program. Some executives review their insurance coverage annually, with a focus on cutting costs or broadening coverage. Instead, we help you develop a multi-year strategy, customized to achieve your vision.

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Examine your Risks and Opportunities

Huntington Insurance understands that no two companies are alike. Our experts will take the time to understand your unique strengths, opportunities, and risks. We will work with you to develop a customized property and casualty commercial insurance program that meets your needs for risk management and aligns with your business objectives.

Financial and Operational Assessment

A detailed assessment is important to help identify risks to your business. Huntington Insurance can review environmental threats, fleet safety, health and employee safety, property risks, disaster recovery and business continuity plans, security issues, engineering issues, operational cost issues, and other business challenges. We can help provide a clear picture of your risk factors and a ready-to-implement strategy to improve your total cost of risk. Our team will find issues and help implement solutions before they become claims.

Safety Training and Regulatory Compliance

Do you strive to achieve regulatory compliance and a high level of employee safety? Huntington Insurance can provide you and your employees safety training and OSHA incident management. You’ll have access to our online risk center, where you can review loss trends and take advantage of tools to help improve your operation. We have years of experience with OSHA, EPA, FMCSA, and other regulatory entities to help our clients become best in class.

Insurance Strategy and Placement

Your insurance premium is only one component of your total cost of risk. Inappropriate retention levels, uninsurable losses, contractual obligations, and coverage gaps are hidden costs that can impact the effectiveness your insurance program. Huntington Insurance offers risk control and claims expertise. You’ll get a multi-year plan to align your commercial insurance strategy with your business strategy.

Align Risk Strategy with Your Business Goals

You and your business are the center of our process. There is no one-size-fits-all policy to provide coverage. Our insurance professionals know your industry and take the time to learn your business and goals. You get a custom risk strategy that aligns with your goals to meet your objectives.

Cybersecurity and Executive Liability Expertise

No matter the size of your business or your industry, you need to protect your organization from financial loss, allegations of negligence or misrepresentation, and cyber-attacks. You need to work with a broker who has expertise in these business insurance coverage areas. We understand the impact an event can have on your business. We can help you make informed decisions to manage evolving risk and navigate your insurance options both now and into the future.

Industry-Specific Risk Consultants

Our business is to know your business. We provide you with subject matter experts to help protect your business and support your goals for growth. Our risk management team is dedicated to helping you find the best possible property and casualty insurance program. We are your ally as you navigate the challenges of your industry. We can help protect your assets, so your business can thrive.

Alternative Risk Solutions

Market forces impact insurance coverage, pricing, availability, and terms and conditions. Changes in capital and credit terms may drive business leaders to explore alternative ways to help control and finance risk. We will work to understand your business—from operational challenges to your strategic plan. You’ll get insights and recommendations for new ways to help protect your enterprise and retain underwriting profits and investment income.

Protect Your Balance Sheet

Huntington Insurance takes a proactive approach to risk management, using a “design-build” approach. Our strategy is a unified, integrative process of ongoing discovery, development, implementation, and monitoring the results of your risk management program. Outcomes are by design, not by chance.

Claims Advocacy

When an event triggers an insurance claim, your number one objective is business continuity. It’s ours too. When you have a claim, we can expedite the process for you so you will know what to expect. You get an advocate who understands claim procedures, insurance company protocols, your business, and current insurance policies.

Risk Control and Data Analytics

Your property and casualty insurance costs are driven by many risk factors. Our risk control engineers integrate loss prevention plans that reduce the probability and severity of loss. Through our online Risk Center, we offer safety training, OSHA incident management, experienced-based loss trends and other tools to help control the unique challenges to your insurance program and ultimately improve your operation.

Insights for Action

A knowledgeable and dependable commercial insurance broker can help you navigate current and emerging risks to your business. Huntington risk advisors and loss prevention specialists will provide you with information about current events and how those events may impact you, your business, and your industry. You can make educated decisions about your daily operations and insurance program so that as your business grows, your insurance protection evolves with it.


Huntington Insurance can help protect your business and your bottom line with tailored commercial property and casualty insurance coverages to keep your business running and growing. Huntington is there when you need us most— delivering global solutions at a local level.

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