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At Huntington, we stay on top of what’s happening in the world. We dive deep into the data, explore timely topics and identify trends likely to impact and help our clients. And this is the place where we share our knowledge with you.

An ESOP can help provide peace of mind and generous tax benefits to an exiting business owner

For business owners who want to preserve their legacy, and the jobs of their employees, an Employee Stock Ownership Program could be the answer to their business succession planning needs.
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The rise of identity fraud for high-net-worth individuals

News of data breaches has become so commonplace that we as consumers are virtually numb to the threat. While fraudsters will attack everybody and anybody, they are beginning to pay more attention to high-net-worth individuals.
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Banking & Investing News

Our team of economic professionals help to keep our clients up to speed on recent financial news and market outlooks so that they’ll have the information needed to protect and grow their wealth.
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Trending Now: Cyber Security

The urgent cyber threat to U.S. manufacturers

Manufacturing companies are some of the biggest targets for cyberattacks. Many are aware of the problem and are taking a more methodical approach to cybersecurity.

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Help protect your business from email compromise

Help protect you and your business from becoming victims of a sophisticated scam.

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Cyber tip:
email phishing

Learn steps you can take to protect yourself and your business against an email phishing attack.

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More Tips to Grow and Protect Your Business

International trade risk mitigation strategies & risk evaluation

Proactive planning can go a long way toward mitigating your international risk.

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Your financial life: Understanding the stages of the financial lifecycle

Business owners should have a sound financial plan that’s dynamic —it changes as they move through their financial lifecycle to make sure it’s in alignment with their changing goals.

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Asset protection planning & tips to avoid payment fraud

3 strategies to help you protect yourself from and mitigate payment fraud.

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Let Us Help You With Your Investment Goals

Why robo investing & advisors won't take over yet

Technology will help trustees better perform their jobs. It just doesn’t seem likely that it will replace humans exercising discretion — at least not for now.

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What's your investment objective?

What are your investment goals? Some investors know immediately what their goals are — but many aren’t as sure.

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Success with Financing Through Huntington

Answering the Call: The Anderson-DuBose Co. continues to expand to meet client needs

Warren Anderson, president and CEO of The Anderson-DuBose Co., prides himself on running a distribution and logistics company that’s nimble and responsive to its customers’ needs.

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Custer Inc.: Designing & furnishing modern offices & workspaces

Custer Inc. empowers people to do their best work through modern workspaces.

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Credit, loans and leasing services at Huntington

Look to Huntington for integrated financial solutions for securing the capital you need for the opportunity to fund further growth through a comprehensive range of credit, loan and leasing products and services.

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Regional Insights

Every market has unique and interesting stories to tell. Learn about some of the noteworthy people and developments driving the local business and financial scene in your corner of the world.

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