Cash Processing

Easily manage deposits, control coin and currency orders, and
help protect against internal fraud with Huntington’s vault services.

When moving your cash, you need to find the process that fits your ways of working. However, the size, locations, and nature of your operation determine the best way to count and safeguard your cash.

Huntington Cash Processing solutions provide businesses with quick access to deposited funds and the ability to place coin and currency orders when convenient. From processing cash, coins, and checks to online access, we can provide you with the service that meets your needs, so you can focus on your business.

Cash Processing solutions from Huntington are created to give you a range of options.

Vault Services Benefits

  • Same day credit for deposits received by our established vault deadlines
  • Easy coin and currency ordering 24 hours a day
  • Nation-wide network of over 150 vault locations available for processing
  • Convenient online access to track deposit detail by store location
  • Reduce fees by consolidating accounts into one centralized operating account

How does vault services work?

The process helps makes cash management easier to handle.

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1. Huntington sets up vault locations and establishes a change order user

Online Selection Icon

2. Customer places currency order through the VRU.

Cash Movement Icons

3. Huntington vault receives and packs order-debiting the order from Customer Account.

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4. Armored courier picks up the order, delivers it to the customer and picks up any customer deposits (if applicable)

5. Deposit is delivered to the Huntington vault where it is verified and credited to the customer account.

Smart Safe Benefits

  • Online reporting shows real-time safe activity and enhances the ability to reconcile cash from point-of-sale
  • Improve cash flow with daily credit for cash validated by the smart safe, without making a trip to the bank
  • Mitigate opportunity for theft and provide added security

How does Smart Safe work?

The process helps makes cash management easier to handle.

1. Sign an agreement to have SafeCash Manager services.

2. A safe is installed at your location. You will then be trained on the functionality of the safe.

3. Start making deposits directly into the safe and receive a receipt after the transaction.

4. At the end of the day, the safe transmits deposit activity to Huntington and the deposit is placed in your account.

5. Armored courier services the safe, removes all cash and any manual drops and takes to the vault. Note: Manual drops are the responsibility of the manager.

6. Cash is then verified, and any manual drops are credited to your account.

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