Grow Your Business Capital

Understanding that every business has unique financial needs, Huntington Capital Markets® develops customized plans to help preserve capital, maximize returns and optimize investment portfolios through all liquidity stages and market cycles. Make your excess capital work harder. Huntington Capital Markets can show you how.

Customized Investment Solutions

In collaboration with your senior financial leadership, Huntington Capital Markets® develops and executes investment strategies that meet your specific business objectives. We provide you with leading industry insights and experience to help preserve capital, maintain liquidity, and achieve competitive yields, while managing risk within your parameters.

Huntington Capital Markets® works with a wide array of sophisticated institutions:

  • Private companies
  • Public entities
  • Non-profits
  • Financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Asset managers

Turnkey and Customized Solutions

Turnkey solutions provide an efficient way to improve yield on cash while maintaining liquidity. Customized solutions are designed to target specific liquidity needs while optimizing yield give investment policy objectives and risk constraints.

Features Benefits
Benefits Simple Design, Conservative Risk Profile, Competitive Yield OVERNIGHT + TERMED LIQUIDITY
• FDIC Money Markets
• Money Market Funds
• Repo Program
• Short Term Bond Funds
Features Targeted liquidity, Conservative to Moderate Risk Profile, Enhanced Yield 1-12 MONTHS LIQUIDITY
• Treasury Bills
• Agency Discount Notes
• Certificates of Deposit
• Commercial paper
• Treasuries 
• Agencies
• Certificates of Deposit
• Municipal Bonds
• Corporate bonds
• Mortgage-backed Securities
• Structured Notes

Institutional Investment Strategies

Maintaining proper liquidity while optimizing investment returns can be a challenge. We can help you balance both.

NetEx Investor

Fixed Income Trading

We also assist organizations with agency, corporate, mortgage, and municipal markets. In addition to sourcing securities from institutional trading partners and platforms, our Fixed Income Trading team can help provide liquidity for your business and strategically position inventory in anticipation of demand. Our specialists also work closely with colleagues in underwriting and distribution.

Equity Trading

Our Equity Trading team executes securities transactions on behalf of retail and institutional brokerage clients. In addition, our specialists support distribution of new issuance and manages share buyback programs.

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