Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Make your deposits without heading to the bank. Huntington has a solution that saves time, increases accuracy, and helps to get
your money to your account faster with extended processing hours.

Deposit your checks—day or night—into your Huntington Business Checking account without leaving your office. Remote Deposit Capture is a check scanning process that allows you to use online banking capabilities to process checks, access and view funds all from your digital devices.

Remote Deposit Capture is easy.

Your funds get deposited into your business checking account without ever having to visit the bank.

Receive Checks

Receive checks from customers and vendors.

Scan Checks

Scan the checks easily using a desktop check scanner

Submit Checks

Transmit your check images to Huntington for same day processing

We offer multiple RDC options to best fit your business deposit needs

Single Feed Bundle

Includes RDC service and a Single Feed Scanner

Multi feed bundle

Includes RDC service and a Multi Feed Scanner

A La Carte

You can utilize your own device and only sign up for the RDC service

Advantages of Our Remote Deposit Capture

Additional advantages of our RDC process include:

• Same day processing until midnight ET
• Role management capabilities (separation of duties)
• Location deposit tracking and reporting
• No deposit tickets or endorsement stamps required
• Online access to check images
• Scanner agnostic (must be certified RDC Scanner)
• Increased security and satisfaction

Remote Deposit Capture Scanner

To use RDC you need to have Microsoft 10 and Internet explorer 11, we are not compatible with additional browsers currently.

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HNB will provide you with a bank owned scanner, it is the businesses responsibility to purchase cleaning kits to maintain the scanner in addition to any replacement parts or ink cartridges. You will be supplied one scanner at no cost per location for the lifetime of your banking relationship. You will be charged a set-up fee at the time of implementation of $50 per location. If replacement scanner is provided during manufacture warranty and manufacture diagnostic is lack of maintaining scanner we hold the right to charge a cleaning fee.