How to Set Up Direct Deposit.

Do you have regular income that you could direct deposit into a checking account? There are many benefits of direct deposit: it’s convenient, ensures that your money is available more quickly, and saves you the step of going to a branch or ATM to deposit a check each time you are paid. You also know that the money is directly going into your account and you avoid the risk of a lost or stolen check.

Setting up direct deposit also lets you decide which accounts you want your money to go into. For example, you can put half into savings and half in checking. By enrolling in Huntington Direct Deposit, you get immediate access to your funds with your debit card as soon as your direct deposit is received. You can also set up Mobile Deposit Alerts, so you’ll know the moment your direct deposit has been received. Nice and simple.

Steps to set up direct deposit.

  1. Fill out a Direct Deposit Form. Your employer will usually provide the form, though you may need to contact your bank.
  2. Routing & Account Number Information: You will need your routing and account numbers, which you can find at the bottom of your checks. You can also find those numbers online when you are logged into Huntington Online Banking or by visiting a Huntington branch.
  3. Voided Check: Depending on your employer, you might be asked to provide a blank, voided check.
  4. Submit the Form: Once the form is filled out, simply give it to your employer’s HR department.

How to void a check.

Your employer may ask you to provide a voided check to ensure that your bank information (account and routing numbers) are correct. This is to confirm that funds are being transferred into your account safely and you are accurately receiving your pay. To void a check, take a blank check and write “VOID” across the entire check so that nobody can write anything on it to be cashed for payment. If you use a check register, be sure to note the check number you used so you don’t think you lost a check.

Not sure where to find your account number or routing number?

Learn more about how to read a check.

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