Your time is valuable. Literally.

You may now get instant access of up to $500 in funds from checks you deposit, with hours that fit your schedule.

Access to your money shouldn't be a waiting game, which is why we provide you with free, instant access of up to $500 of the checks you've deposited at a branch, ATM, or on the Huntington Mobile app.

Plus, with All Day DepositSM you have until midnight Central Time (CT) to deposit at ATMs and on the app.

Ways to Deposit

Instant Access

At no extra cost, you may have instant access to your funds—up to $500—of the checks you've deposited.

Plus, you'll be notified after the deposit is made of the amount immediately available to you.

This benefit is available to established Huntington consumer or business deposit customers.

All Day Deposit

Our deposit day ends at midnight CT. Kinda like a real day.

We give you until midnight when depositing at ATMs and on the app, so don't worry about beating an early cut-off time.

And because you shouldn't be penalized for a busy schedule, All Day Deposit is included at no additional cost.

Mobile and ATM deposit options

When the bank is closed, open the Huntington Mobile app for a secure way to deposit your money no matter what time it is.

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Find your nearest branch or ATM.

After you endorse your checks, deposit them directly into a Huntington ATM. ATM deposits are available at all Huntington branch locations.

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Check Deposit Availability FAQ

Answer: Yes! There’s no charge to have instant access of up to $500 of your total check deposits when you make a deposit. Certain exclusions apply, and you should refer to the Funds Availability Policy to see the exclusions.

Answer: If your check deposit is less than $500, we’ll make the full amount immediately available if you meet the eligibility requirements (and so long as you are not overdrawn). That means if your total check deposits made in one day add up to $350, all $350 will be immediately available to you.

If you have made a check deposit greater than $500, the remaining amount of the deposit above $500 will be available the next business day after the day we receive your deposit.

Answer: To be eligible, Huntington customers must have a consumer or business checking, savings, or money market account for more than 30 days, and those account balances cannot be overdrawn.

Answer: If you deposit more than one check in one business day, you will receive instant availability on the first $500 deposited to your account. For example, if you deposit five checks of $100 you can expect to have the total $500 of those funds available to you as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.

If you deposit six checks of $100 each, $500 will be immediately available to you, and the remaining $100 will be available the next business day.

Answer: When you make a check deposit, the deposit receipt will indicate the amount instantly available to you. This amount is also reflected in your available account balance.

In some cases, deposited funds will be held to ensure the money promised in a check exists before it’s added to your account balance. In the event of a hold, you’ll receive an email when the status of your deposit changes, provided we have your email address on file.

You can also use the Manage Alerts page to set up alerts via text message and push notification.

Answer: Several variables go into determining whether a check deposit can be made instantly available, including the current status of the check writer’s account and your own. In addition, Huntington has safeguards in place to protect your money and help you avoid overdrafts and fees.  

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Check Deposit Availability. The first $500 of your total daily check deposits made at a branch, ATM, or through Mobile Deposit may be available to you immediately on the day we receive your deposit. For check deposits made from Saturday through Monday and Federal Holidays, up to $500 in total may be available immediately from all your check deposits over those days. Your remaining check deposit amount(s) will generally be available on the next business day. Subject to eligibility; longer holds and exclusions may apply. Please see your Funds Availability Policy for more detail.

Message and data rates may apply.

All Day DepositSM is a service mark of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated.