Life Insurance

The time to plan for life insurance is now - before it's needed. What if the unexpected happened to you or your spouse? Life insurance can help:

  • Provide financial support for those you care about.
  • Replace your income when you're no longer there to provide for your family.
  • Protect the assets for which you worked so hard.
  • Plan for retirement.

Everyone is different. That's why you need a personalized insurance program that is unique to you and to your specific needs. Huntington provides continual, independent, professional reviews, as well as excellent service and an array of solutions from companies with exceptional industry ratings.

Life Insurance Coverages

Dependent Life

Dependent Life Insurance is low-cost coverage for dependent children.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy. A little careful planning can help minimize taxes payable out of your estate when you die - leaving more for your beneficiaries.

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Term Life

Term Life Insurance is an affordable alternative to traditional life insurance, offering coverage for a specified number of years.

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Universal Life

Universal Life Insurance is flexible coverage that can build cash value over time while letting you adjust your premium and coverage amounts as needed.

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Variable Life

Variable Universal Life Insurance is insurance with earning potential.

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Whole Life

With level premiums and the accumulation of cash values, Whole Life Insurance is optimal for long-range goals.

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