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Need to know how much interest you have paid on your home mortgage? Or, are you wondering when your escrow payment was made? With Huntington Online Mortgage Services, you can find out the answer to these questions and more...anytime, anywhere.

We've made managing your mortgage even more convenient.

Now, when you access your mortgage account, you will see new features that make it even easier to make payments, access statements, view your loan details and see the current estimated value of your home.

In addition to all your loan details, you will also find great new tools and features:

  • Neighborhood information including surrounding home values and the sales history of your home.
  • Calculators to help you pay down your loan faster. 
  • A learning center with information about escrow, PMI, taxes and more.

Simply log into the HUB and check out these new features today. 

Or contact a Mortgage Specialist to discuss a new mortgage at 1-800-562-6871.

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