Student banking: checking account options.

Students of all ages – minors, teens and adults - can open a checking account at Huntington. If you are under 18, you’ll need either a co-signer or joint account holder over the age of 18. The co-signer or joint account holder doesn’t need to be a legal guardian, but will be contractually held to the bank.

If you are over 18, you can sign up for any of Huntington's checking accounts on your own. Our Asterisk-Free Checking® account is great for students: there’s no minimum balance and no monthly fee. It also comes with 24-Hour Grace®, our unique overdraft fee relief.

How to apply for a checking account.

You can apply for a bank account online or at any Huntington branch. Learn more about how to open a checking account and what information and documents you’ll need. Interested in a savings account? You can open a savings account on your own at any age, but you'll need identification and be able to sign your name.

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Contact us or click below for resources that offer helpful information for individuals with a new student bank account:

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