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You get alerts for news, weather, and sports. But how about your money? Huntington Heads Up lets you know exactly where your money is going and provides real-time insights to help you make more informed decisions.

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Huntington Heads Up keeps you on track.

Set a savings goal—for anything—and Huntington Heads Up will monitor your progress and let you know how you're doing. Hey, we could all use a little positive reinforcement now and then.

Monitor your subscriptions.

Music, movies, meal delivery—you know, all those subscriptions we sometimes forget about? Huntington Heads Up will monitor your subscription transactions and let you know when free trials end, when your subscriptions are coming up for renewal, and more.

Automatic updates.

These days, we could all use a second set of eyes on our money. Huntington Heads Up is always monitoring your cash flow and will alert you if something might need your attention, like duplicate charges, or refund notifications.

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