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With a Huntington debit card, you can make everyday purchases almost anywhere. Use your debit card to shop local, buy online, and pay monthly bills. You don’t even need a checkbook or ATM. All you need is one little card that’s fast, easy, and safe.

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What is a Debit Card?

A simple debit card definition: Your debit card is a card issued from your bank that's automatically linked to your checking account, allowing you to make purchases both in person and online. A debit card can be used to make ATM transactions including deposits and withdrawals and can also be used for mobile payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. For many, a debit card has become a new way to use cash because of its convenience, safety features, and contactless payments.

What's the difference between credit and debit cards?

Unlike a credit card, your debit card is tied directly to your checking account, so if you use your debit card to make a purchase, you'll see that money deducted from your checking account in real time rather than charging a line of credit and paying later. Read more about the differences between credit and debit cards.

Debit Card Features

Worldwide Acceptance

Feel free to travel the world. You can use your new debit card everywhere Mastercard® is accepted. Plus, you can access cash free at more than 1,800 Huntington ATMs.

Zero Liability

Feel safe using your debit card. You are protected against unauthorized purchases on your card.

Identity Theft Resolution Services

Assists you with credit bureau notification and credit card replacement, and provides you with an ID Theft Affidavit should you become victim of Identity Theft.

Card Lock

The digital card lock feature safeguards your card right from your phone or online.

Tap to Pay

Take less time and tap. Enjoy seamless, secure transactions with a simple tap of your card at your favorite places to shop.

Mobile Wallet

No wallet? No problem. Easily conduct convenient, yet secure transactions by paying directly with your phone at checkout counters.

How to Order a New Debit Card Online.

To receive a debit card with Huntington, you must apply for a checking account. Once you've opened the checking account that works best for you, you can select the type of debit card you'd like and choose any style. Your debit card should arrive in the mail within 3-5 business days.

Customers who already have a Huntington account, visit any Huntington branch, or call us at (800) 480-2265 to request a debit card.

How do I activate my debit card?

Once you open a checking account and receive your new debit card, activating the card takes just a few steps and can be done online, in person, or at a Huntington branch.

To activate your debit card online:

  1. Visit and log into your account.
  2. Select the Service Center tab at the top.
  3. Underneath Debit & ATM Cards, click Activate Card.
  4. Enter the three-digit security code on the back of your debit card and push Activate.

Debit Card FAQs

Answer: Realizing your debit card is missing is unsettling, but the most important thing to remember is to act as fast as you can to avoid any fraudulent activity or bank fees.

As soon as you realize your card is missing, contact your bank to have them close your card and monitor your bank account online to see if any unauthorized transactions took place. For lost or stolen cards with Huntington, call (800) 480-2265, daily 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET, and we’ll close your card. You can also visit any Huntington branch to obtain a temporary card while we mail you a new permanent one.

Learn more about what to do if your debit card is lost or stolen and how to dispute a debit card charge.


How to lock and unlock your card online:

  1. Log into your account online
  2. Under the Service Center tab, select the card you want to lock or unlock
  3. Click on 'Lock or Unlock a Card'
  4. Select the applicable card

How to lock and unlock your card in mobile:

  1. Log into your card account in the mobile app
  2. Go to Manage Cards from the menu and select the card you want to lock/unlock
  3. Click on 'Lock or Unlock a Card' and select the applicable card

Answer: Yes, you can add your Huntington debit card to your digital wallet for fast, easy, and secure mobile payments.

  1. Make sure you have digital wallet available on your Apple, Google, or Samsung device. If not, you may download from the app store.
  2. Navigate to the 'Add to Wallet' section within the app and select the card type you wish to add.
  3. Either take a picture of the card or you may manually enter your card information.
  4. Continue through the prompts, agreements, and additional devices you wish to add.

Answer: As a Huntington customer, if you accidentally overdraw your account by $50 or less, you won’t be charged an overdraft fee thanks to our $50 Safety Zone®. And, if you have an overdraft that is more than $50 or possible returned transactions, you have more time to fix it, avoid an overdraft or having an item returned, and have your transactions paid with 24-Hour Grace®.

Read more about overdraft and returns.

Answer: We have a wide range of custom debit cards to show off your personality. Once you're enrolled in a Huntington checking account, you'll be able to choose the debit card design you'd like.

Existing Huntington checking account customers can update their debit card with a personalized design by visiting a local branch or calling (800) 480-2265.

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 Zero Liability. Transactions are protected by federal law and Mastercard's Zero Liability. Transactions you did not authorize should be reported to us promptly through our dispute process. We ask that you assist us in our investigation as needed. Certain limitations apply. See the Electronic Funds Transfer Services section of the Consumer Deposit Account Agreement and for complete details.

$50 Safety Zone®. Your account will be automatically closed if it remains negative in any amount for 60 days. including if your account is overdrawn within our $50 Safety Zone. Learn more at and

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