Platinum Debit Card. Great for everyday use.

With your Huntington Platinum Mastercard® Debit Card, you can make everyday purchases almost anywhere. Use your debit card to shop local, buy online and pay monthly bills. You don’t even need a checkbook or ATM. All you need is one little card that’s fast, easy and safe.

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What is a debit card?

A simple debit card definition: Your debit card is a card issued from your bank that is linked to your checking account and allows you to make purchases both in-person and online. You can also use it to make ATM transactions including deposits and withdrawals. Many customers like the convenience of a debit card over using cash or checks. They are safe and secure to use. They can also be used with Apple Pay™.

Unlike a credit card, your debit card is tied directly to your checking account, meaning that money is automatically deducted from your account rather than paying on credit (see overdraft options to understand what happens if you attempt to use more funds that you currently have available in your checking account).

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How to get a debit card.

It's easy to apply for a debit card with Huntington. If you're a new checking customer applying for an account online, you will be prompted to select the type of debit card you would like, and choose which style you want. If you would rather meet with a banker in person at a branch, this will be the same process.

Customers who already have a Huntington checking account, simply visit any Huntington branch or call us at (800) 480-2265, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to request a debit card.

Your Platinum Debit Card features

Learn more about the benefits Huntington offers our debit card users.
Extended Warranty Protect your purchases even longer. Pay with your eligible Mastercard® debit card. It will double the original manufacturer's or store brand warranty for up to one year. Read the details.
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Price Protection Go ahead and buy it today. If you find a lower price for it within 60 days from the date of purchase with your eligible Mastercard® debit card, you may be reimbursed for the price difference. Read the details.
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Satisfaction Guarantee Shop with confidence. If you're dissatisfied with your purchase within 60 days of the date of purchase using your eligible Mastercard® debit card, you may be eligible for a refund. Read the details.
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Worldwide Acceptance Feel free to travel the world. You can use your new debit card everywhere Mastercard® is accepted. Plus, you can access cash free at more than 1,800 Huntington ATMs.
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Zero Liability Feel safe using your debit card. You are protected against unauthorized purchases on your card1.
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1Transactions are protected by federal law and Mastercard's Zero Liability. Transactions you did not authorize should be reported to us promptly through our dispute process. We ask that you assist us in our investigation as needed. Certain limitations apply. See the Electronic Funds Transfer Services section of the Consumer Deposit Account Agreement and for complete details.

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