Safeguard your card with your phone.

Now you can lock and unlock your debit or credit card online or from your smartphone.
Lock It While You Look for It. When your Huntington debit or credit card isn’t where it should be, relax. Just lock it. When you find your card, unlock it – fast and easy with the Huntington Mobile app. You can also lock and unlock your card using online banking.

Works in Real Time. Even if you haven’t lost your card, use the app to lock and unlock it whenever you want. Just tap Lock Card if you suspect fraud to stop anyone from making purchases, taking cash advances, or transferring balances.

Don’t have the app? Click below for the instructions to download.

More ways to help protect your card.

Your Security, $0 Liability

Rest easy. Lost or stolen, you’re protected against unauthorized purchases on your Huntington debit card1.

Be in the Know with Fraud Alerts

With Fraud Alerts2, we’ll let you know immediately by text, email or automated phone call if we suspect fraud on your card. Learn more.

1Transactions are protected by federal law and Mastercard’s Zero Liability. Transactions you did not authorize should be reported to us promptly through our dispute process. We ask that you assist us in our investigation as needed. Certain limitations apply. See the Electronic Funds Transfer Services section of the Consumer Deposit Account Agreement and for complete details.

2 Carrier's message and data charges may apply.