Home Equity Lines of Credit

Put the equity in your home to work. A Home Equity Line of Credit can pay for home improvements, unexpected emergencies and more. And you can access your credit line for an initial 10 years without reapplying.
Home Equity Lines of Credit | Huntington

Why Choose a Home Equity Line of Credit?

Competitive Rates

Only pay interest on what you borrow while you put your line of credit to work.

Savings & Discounts

No application fee, plus the option to lock in a fixed rate.

Features & Benefits

Online account management makes it easy to access your line of credit whenever you need it.

Other Home Equity Lines of Credit Features

Easy Access

It's easy to pay for unexpected medical bills, car repairs or credit card debt. Our line of credit offers checks, PCL Mastercard® or Online Banking options.


Online Account Management

Online account access lets you save time, view your loan balance, monitor transaction history and make payments with free Bill Pay.

Lower Your Monthly Bills

Use our consolidation calculator to see how you could save.

Access to over 1,000 Branches

No matter where you choose to make your payments, Huntington gives you options.

HELOC Welcome Guide

Please check out our HELOC welcome guide or call us at (800) 992-2053 with any questions.

Download the HELOC Welcome Guide (PDF)

Line of Credit Interest Rates

Your rate is based on the 43215 zip code.

Rates effective as of Monday, June 24, 2024.

Rate Table
Line Amount APR
$150,000 and above
9.14% APR to 14.02% APR
$75,000 - $149,999
9.14% APR to 14.02% APR
$50,000 - $74,999
9.14% APR to 14.02% APR
$25,000 - $49,999
9.14% APR to 14.02% APR
Up to $24,999
11.64% APR to 16.52% APR

Current Prime Rate is 8.50% as of July 27, 2023. Depending on customer's qualifications, variable APR's range for line amounts as stated above. Customer's specific rate is subject to application, approval, and acceptable property appraisal and title search; loan-to-value (LTV) ratio; credit history; line amount; lien position; whether or not property is owner-occupied; rate region generally based on property state; and meeting certain underwriting criteria. Advertised rates are subject to change at any time.

The APR for this home equity line of credit is variable based on Prime plus or minus a margin and can change monthly but will never be higher than 18.0%. “Prime” and “Prime Rate” mean the “Bank Prime Loan” rate published by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in its statistical release H.15 (510) entitled “Selected Interest Rates.” Rates are variable and may change at any time. A discount for taking a minimum draw at loan closing may be available; this draw excludes any funds used to pay existing Huntington debt. Lowest rate available is for well qualified borrowers who are approved for a new line amount of $75,000 or greater and also take an initial line advance of $40,000 or more at time of closing; a loan-to-value ratio of 80%; assumes property is owner-occupied; first lien position; a credit score of 760 or higher; and, rate region generally based on property state.

Insurance must be carried on the real property securing the account, and flood insurance must be carried if the structure on the real property is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area. The amount of savings realized with debt consolidation varies by loan. Since a home equity line of credit may have a longer term than some of the bills being consolidated, there may not be a savings over the entire time of the line if you make only the minimum payments. Federally Guaranteed Student Loans and other loans with special government benefits should not be consolidated because you may lose the benefits.

Borrower-paid title insurance may be required on loan amounts greater than $750,000. Mail-away Fees, which also include a notary fee, range from $125 to $375 and will apply when closing is facilitated by a third-party on Huntington's behalf. In this instance, a $25 courier fee will also apply. Customers using a condominium as collateral may be charged a fee by their condo association to complete a questionnaire by the appraisal company. See a banker for more information about current rates and terms.

The home equity line of credit has a $60 annual fee ($50 in MN). The initial fee will be charged on your first billing statement and then annually, thereafter.

There is a Draw Period for 10 years after the account is opened during which advances and purchases may be made, and during which reductions to principal are not required (unless credit limit has been exceeded), followed by a 20-year Repayment Period during which the minimum monthly payments amortize the outstanding balance on the line at the end of the Draw Period.

You have the option to convert your variable rate line to a fixed rate; however, the fixed rate will always be higher. A $75 fee will be charged for each transaction converting an amount from a variable rate to a fixed rate in CO, IL, KY, MI, MN, OH, PA, and WI.

All lending products are subject to application and credit approval. Home equity loans and lines also subject to acceptable appraisal and title search.

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