Spend Analysis

Tracking your spending just got easier.

Track how much you're spending, and exactly where you're spending it, in categories like groceries and entertainment. We'll analyze your expenses so you can easily see exactly where your money is going.

Open a Huntington Checking account and start tracking your spend today.
How it works:


Make purchases using your Huntington credit or debit card. The more you use your credit or debit card, the more transactions Spend Analysis will track.


Spend Analysis will automatically put each transaction into a category such as groceries, shopping, or entertainment.


Quickly see how you're doing when you log in to The Hub and track your spending trends over time.

Modern Expense Tracking

Pie chart or table? Either way, you'll see where your money goes with just a glance. Spend Analysis tracks up to two years of history to help you better understand your spending trends. We do the work, but you're in control.
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Stay on Track

Each transaction is automatically assigned to a category, but you have the flexibility to move to another category, or create your own personalized subcategory. Want to see how much you spend on coffee each month? With Spend Analysis you can.
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Real-Time Insights

Things get even better when you enroll in Huntington Heads Up®. You'll get guidance, budget updates, and even notifications when money leaves your account in unusual ways. Because more insights can help you make smarter financial decisions.

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Split Transactions

Let's say during a trip to a superstore, you buy groceries, headphones, and pick up a prescription. You can easily split that one superstore purchase into three categories: groceries, electronics, and health care.
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Frequently Asked Questions

On The Hub, Spend Analysis provides an overview of your spending by transaction category for the current month. Click View Analysis to change the chart’s date range, category display, analysis type, and more. Switch from pie chart, to bar graph, to table view, and back again. Roll over visual charts to see amounts and percentages by category. Learn More.
For personal accounts, Spend Analysis includes transactions from your Huntington checking and credit card accounts. For business accounts, Spend Analysis includes transactions from your Huntington checking, money market, credit card and credit line accounts.
We’re working on it. For now, only your Huntington accounts and credit cards are included.
For your convenience, each transaction is automatically assigned to a category. To reassign a transaction, follow these easy steps:
  1. Click on a transaction from the line-item list. A Transaction Detail window will pop up. (Note: Pending transactions cannot be reassigned).
  2. Under Category, click Edit and select a new catergory.
  3. Answer Yes, Create Rule to always categorize this way, or No, Apply Once for one-time only.
To be more specific on how you track expenses, you can create new categories. For example, you can choose to track "coffee shop" spending separate from the main Restaurant category. Add up to 10 custom subcategories within a broader category family by following these easy steps:
  1. In Transaction Detail, under Category, click Edit.
  2. Click Add a category.
  3. Enter the new category name, then Save
Get a more accurate picture of your actual spending by splitting a single transaction into two or more spending categories. Follow these easy steps:
  1. In Transaction Detail, under Category, click Edit.
  2. Choose Edit next to Category, select Category.
  3. Enter Split Amount for each category.
  4. Need to split into more categories? Click Add a Split.
  5. Click Save.
Yes, you can hide transactions so they aren’t included in the Spend Analysis or Spend Setter tools. Click on a transaction to bring up the Transaction Detail window, and check Hide this transaction from financial tools.
To see your spending for previous months, click the View Analysis button. On the larger Spend Analysis view, you can change the date range, dive into categories and more. You can also switch from pie chart to bar graph to table view and roll over visual charts to see amounts and percentages by category.