Spend Analysis

An introduction to Spend Analysis.

Spend Analysis does just what its name implies

Categorize and analyze what you spend and where you spend it. Every time you use your Huntington credit or debit card, it automatically puts each transaction into a category such as Groceries, Clothing or Entertainment. View info in pie chart or table view, zoom in for spending details, add and edit categories, and more. It does the work, but you’re in control.

See your spending by categories

Pie chart or table? Either way, you’ll see where your money goes with just a glance. Hover over a category color to see the amount spent so far for the month.

Understand your spending over time

How does your spending compare month over month, or year over year? View up to two years of history to better understand your spending trends.

Customize it to fit your life

Each transaction is automatically assigned to a category but you can move it to another category, create a subcategory or split it between categories.

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