Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Take advantage of a lower introductory rate with an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM). These loans generally start with a lower rate than Fixed Rate mortgages and stay steady for an introductory period. Then they adjust at predetermined intervals based on a money market rate index#.
Adjustable Rate Mortgages | Huntington

Why choose an ARM?

Various Term Options

Select the term that is best for you.

No Surprise Rate Changes

Know what's ahead. Since the interest rate adjusts at a predetermined time, you won't be surprised by a monthly payment change.

Annual and Lifetime Caps

Protect your future. ARM loans limit how much interest rates can increase over the life of the mortgage.

Other Adjustable Rate Mortgage Features

Flexible Payment Dates Make initial fixed monthly payments on a date that fits your needs best.
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Go paperless A reliable alternative to mailed paper statements. Online statements are a secure way to manage and track your account information.
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Free Alerts Our free, automated email Account Alerts can provide you with timely updates on your mortgage, such as payments received.
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Free Online Bill Pay Pay your bills and track your Mortgage when you log in to and use free Online Bill Pay.
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Service Commitment We'll be here to walk you through the entire process, from application to closing and beyond.
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Access to over 1000 Branches No matter where you choose to make your payments, Huntington gives you options.
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Free Mobile Banking Check your balance and make a payment from your phone and iPad®.
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Adjustable rate mortgage tools that can help with your decision


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