Protect Your Business from Fraud

Fraudsters are getting smarter every day. It can be difficult to stay a step ahead to protect your business. Below are some best practices to help you reduce potential fraudulent business activity.

Online Security Tips

  • Review your account balance online on a daily basis to identify fraudulent transactions as soon as possible.
  • Create policies outlining acceptable use of corporate assets, specifically as it relates to web browsing, e-mailing, and social networking.
  • Ensure all employees are aware of the dangers of opening attachments or clicking links in e-mails from unknown sources.
  • Help protect your computers from malicious programs by installing and regularly updating anti-virus and anti-spyware software.
  • Restrict access to removable media devices. (i.e. CDs, DVDs, or USB devices) and turn off, remove, or restrict access to unnecessary services and applications.

Prepare Your Business Against Tax Fraud

  • Safeguarding your EIN number and filing your business taxes early are your best defenses against tax fraud and identity theft.
  • The IRS does not initiate contact with taxpayers by email, text messages or social media; it sends letters by U.S. mail.
  • Only give out company information when absolutely necessary—especially on websites and social media sites—and keep track of who you give it to.
  • Before giving out information, verify email or other requests that appear to come from your tax professional and payroll/ human resource personnel.

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