Secure Mail: Microsoft Purview Message Encryption.

At Huntington, protecting our customers’ data is a top priority. To help prevent the unauthorized disclosure of personal or financial information sent through email, we use Microsoft Purview Message Encryption (MPME).

How MPME Works

Microsoft Purview Message Encryption (MPME) is an application that uses encryption to help protect sensitive information from unauthorized disclosure. It also helps ensure that only the intended recipient receives the email by requiring the recipient to authenticate using the MPME system.

Opening Your Message

  1. When receiving an encrypted email from Huntington, the recipient will be prompted to select the “Read the Message” button within the email.
  2. The recipient will be directed to a sign-in page to view the message.
    • Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and Outlook users can sign in using their email login credentials.
    • Users of all other email providers must use the "Sign in with a one-time passcode" option. The one-time passcode will be sent to the email provided and the recipient will be redirected to enter the code.
  3. After logging in with existing credentials or entering the one-time passcode, the encrypted email will open.

Responding to a Message

After opening the message, an encrypted response can be sent by selecting the “Reply” button within the email.


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