Secure Mail:
Things You Need to Know

At Huntington, protecting our customers’ privacy is a top priority. That’s why we use the application Secure Mail (in partnership with Cisco) to help prevent the unauthorized disclosure of personal or financial information as it travels over the Internet.

How Secure Mail Works

Secure Mail ensures that only an authorized recipient receives an email containing sensitive information. This is achieved when the recipient is authenticated via password.

Registering involves just a few easy steps:

  1. When you first receive a secured email from Huntington, you will be asked to click on the message’s encrypted file attachment.
  2. After clicking on the attachment and being taken to the Cisco Registered Envelope, you must click on the Register link.
  3. In the New User Registration section you will create a password and select security questions and responses (which allow you to reset your password if you forget it).
  4. After completing the New User Registration section, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your Cisco Registered Email Service account.

Opening Your Message

Once your account is activated, return to the secured email you received and again click on the encrypted file attachment. At the Cisco Registered Envelope, type in your password. Upon successful entry, the secured message will open. (Note: The sender of the email will then receive a read receipt from you.)

Sending Emails

Sending emails through Secure Mail is as easy as opening them. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Attachments button (located below the subject field).
  2. In the popup window, click Choose File. Select the document you want to attach and click Add. (Note: The total size of attachments must be under 25 MB total.)
  3. After clicking Done you will be returned to the email.


If you have questions or problems, send an email to Additionally, a frequently asked questions page can be found at

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