Integrated Payables

Drive efficiency. Reduce risks. Control costs.

Huntington streamlines B2B payments for any size business so Accounts Payable teams can help eliminate expensive and error-prone manual processes. With one single file upload, we can process your payments exactly the way you and your vendors want them. Plus, by using a virtual card to pay your vendors, you can earn money for your company – just by paying your bills.1

Our Integrated Payables Solution is a fully integrated payment execution platform where smart, secure, and efficient payments can help save your company money.


Upload a File

Upload a single file from your ERP system.

Process Payments

Payments are automatically processed based on your preferences.

Disburse Payments to Vendors

Vendors are paid via virtual card, ACH, RTP®, or paper checks.

Vendor Payment Options
  • Virtual Card — A unique electronic credit card number assigned to each invoice or payment, allowing for fast settlement and enhanced security.
  • ACH — We can send funds electronically directly to the vendor’s bank account.
  • Real-Time Payments (RTP®) Send funds instantly - 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Paper Checks — We service the printing, signing, stuffing, and postage and protect your checks by auto-enrolling you into Check Positive Pay.

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1Receive a monthly rebate as an automatic credit to your Huntington Checking Account.