Integrated Payables

Drive efficiency. Reduce risks. Control costs.

Huntington streamlines B2B payments for any size business so Accounts Payable teams can help eliminate expensive and error-prone manual processes. With one single file upload, we can process your payments exactly the way you and your vendors want them. Plus, by using a virtual card to pay your vendors, you can earn money for your company – just by paying your bills.1

Our Integrated Payables Solution is a fully integrated payment execution platform where smart, highly secure, and efficient payments can help save your company money.


Upload a File

Upload a single file from your ERP system.

Process Payments

Payments are automatically processed based on your preferences.

Disburse Payments to Vendors

Vendors are paid via virtual card, ACH or paper checks.

Vendor Payment Options
  • Virtual Card — A unique electronic credit card number assigned to each invoice or payment, allowing for fast settlement and enhanced security.
  • ACH — We can send funds electronically directly to the vendor’s bank account.
  • Paper Checks — We service the printing, signing, stuffing, and postage and protect your checks by auto-enrolling you into Check Positive Pay.

Contact Us
To learn more, contact us at
or 1-800-480-4862, option 7.

1Receive a monthly rebate as an automatic credit to your Huntington Checking Account.