ChoicePay® Payment Solution
Quick, Easy, and Secure

Modernizing payments using an innovative digital solution while helping to reduce costs and increase your customer satisfaction.

Unlock a new era of payment convenience and transition to a paperless environment with ChoicePay.

You and your payee can select from a diverse range of digital payment methods to match your business needs and your payee’s preferences. Available methods include prepaid MasterCard®, retail gift cards, direct deposit, PayPal®, Venmo®, and more.

ChoicePay automates the entire payment lifecycle by using your own custom branding and tailored communications. Once a payee chooses their preferred payment method, payments are processed quickly and efficiently. Enabling businesses to leverage our robust platform for secure payment transactions, maximizing your operations all without the need to handle sensitive financial data directly.

Transform your payment process

ChoicePay digital payment processing is designed to meet the evolving needs of your organization and your customers.

Reduce Costs

Minimize the expenses associated with traditional payment methods.

Save Time

Streamline your payment processing and send payments quickly.


White label the payment interface to maintain a consistent user experience that promotes your brand.

Flexible payment solutions for your industry

ChoicePay caters to a wide array of industries, ensuring flexibility and reliability for refunds, disbursements, and rewards.


A major university funded student travel for a football bowl game with virtual Mastercards.

Class Action

A high-profile legal settlement distributed funds to millions of claimants in a matter of days.


Jury duty pay was distributed to compensate jurors for their time.

Various Commercial Clients

Gift card rewards were distributed to employees as recognition for a job well done.

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