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Planning for your future, whether it's attending a four-year college, learning a new skill or trade, or negotiating a full-time salary, can all be overwhelming as it relates to your financial well-being. Each life decision can impact the money you make that can help you save for a house, payoff student loan debt, or invest in retirement. At Huntington, we care about your financial future, and we have resources, tips, and tools to help you achieve your financial goals.

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Is College Debt Worth It?

The question of whether advancing your education can be a no brainer, but the expense of it may cause you to do a double take. There's no magic formula for finding the right answer, but these tips might help you focus your thinking.

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Match Your Aptitude to a High-Paying Career

Like many people, you may be worried about the cost of college, especially the traditional four-year experience. Given the cost of college today, it makes sense to learn about what jobs/majors can lead you to a high-paying career.

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How to Plan for the Costs of College

Whether you’re gearing up to send your high schooler off to college or heading back to school yourself, there are a number of steps you can take to help trim the tuition bill.

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Budgeting for College Students

Whether you’re an incoming or current college student, being on your own for the first time can be both exciting and rewarding. It can also be expensive if you’re managing your own expenses.

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Can Lower-Cost College Options Pay Off?

Ever considered not going the traditional route of attending a four-year college or university? You're not alone. We have alternative ways to pursue higher education and professional development that may be better for you.

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Looking For A Low- to No-Debt Career Path?

Gain a set of marketable skills and a better opportunity for a well-paying career—without the high-cost college tuition tab.

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Apply for a Huntington Student Checking Account

Before heading off to college, consider opening a joint checking account with a parent or legal guardian, so they can easily transfer funds into your account if you accidentally underestimate the costs of books or parking fees. Students of all ages–minors, teens and adults–can open a checking account at Huntington.

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Open a Savings Account with Huntington

Our savings accounts are great for long-term financial goals, like a buying a house or paying for college, or even when the unexpected happens. You can set up scheduled transfers from your checking account at Huntington to your savings account to help you reach your savings goals even faster.

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