How to deposit or cash a check at the bank.

If you've received a check, you probably want to cash or deposit it as soon as possible. Huntington understands. We want depositing a check to be quick and convenient – that’s why we offer features like All Day Deposit℠ and mobile deposit. If it's a paycheck or other check you receive regularly, you can also set up direct deposit.

How to deposit or cash a check at your local bank branch.

Depositing or cashing a check in person at a branch is as old as banking itself. You will need to show your ID when cashing or depositing a check at a bank branch, so be sure to bring it along!
ATM Check Deposit Step 1

Step 1: Bring a valid I.D.
Be sure to have a valid form of I.D. with you when you go to your bank to deposit a check. Valid forms of identification include driver’s licenses and passports.

ATM Check Deposit Step 1

Step 2: Endorse the check
Once you arrive at the branch, flip the check over to the back and look for two grey lines. Depending on the type of check, it may read “endorse here.” Sign your name on the first line as it appears on the front of the check. If the check is made out to more than one person, they can sign on the second line.

After you have endorsed your check, you’re ready to cash or deposit it!


Step 3: Present the check to the banker
If you’d like to deposit all or part of the check, provide the banker with the account number or identification, how much of the check you would like to deposit into your account, and how much you would like to receive in cash. The banker will provide a receipt for the transaction.

Do personal checks expire?

While personal checks do not technically expire, banks have the option to refuse payment if a check is older than 6 months. With so many convenient ways to deposit a check, avoid this deadline by depositing or cashing it as soon as possible after you receive it.

Deposit a check through our ATMs & mobile app.

Deposit a check without stepping into a bank branch. Make your deposit at one of our ATMs or through the Huntington Mobile app. And with All Day Deposit℠ you don't have to rush to beat an early cut-off time. Follow our step-by-step instructions for mobile and ATM check deposit.

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