Routing of Orders and Payment-for-Order-Flow Practices

Huntington Securities, Inc. (“HSI”) routes equity securities orders to its clearing firm, Pershing LLC (“Pershing”), which in turn sends orders to exchanges or broker-dealers for execution. Some of these market centers provide payments to Pershing or charge access fees depending upon the characteristics of the order and any subsequent execution. The details of these payments and fees are available upon written request, and for a list of organizations that pay Pershing for order flow, please refer to In addition, Pershing may execute certain equity orders as principal or route orders to an affiliate, called BNY Mellon Capital Markets, LLC, which may also execute as principal while facilitating the trade as a market maker.

HSI does not share in payments to Pershing by market centers for routing of orders or otherwise receive compensation for directing order flow in equity securities. HSI does not route equity securities options orders because it does not accept these orders from customers.

Each quarter, Pershing prepares a summary of orders of HSI customers routed away for execution, including the type and the identity of the broker-dealers or exchanges receiving these orders. This summary is available by accessing, entering in HSI’s full name, Huntington Securities, Inc., and clicking the “Display” button. A copy of the most recent quarterly summary is also available to you upon request. Upon written request to Pershing, you may also obtain the identity of the broker-dealer or exchange executing your trade and the associated time of execution on any of your equity trades placed within the last six months.

Huntington Capital Markets® is a federally registered service mark and a trade name under which the investment banking products and services of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated and its subsidiaries, Huntington Securities, Inc. and The Huntington National Bank, are marketed. Securities products and services are offered by licensed securities representatives of Huntington Securities, Inc., registered broker-dealer and member, FINRA and SIPC. Banking products and services are offered by The Huntington National Bank, Member FDIC.

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