Institutional Investment Strategies

Maintaining proper liquidity while optimizing investment returns can be a challenge. Huntington Capital Markets® can help you balance both.

Huntington Capital Markets® works with a diverse group of investors to optimize capital across market environments, in coordination with anticipated liquidity needs and investment policy requirements. Evaluating liquidity needs and segmenting over time positions investors to optimize returns. We develop customized plans that enable you to take advantage of prevailing market conditions and grow capital.

Operating Cash
• Bank Deposit Account

Liquidity Buffer
0 - 12 MONTHS
• FDIC-Insured Funds • Money Funds • Ultra-Short Bond Funds • Government Securities • CDs/CDARS • Commercial Paper

Termed Liquidity
• Government Securities • CDs/CDARS • Municipal Bonds • Corporate Bonds • Structured Notes

Your Solution, Your Way

Every institution’s goals are unique. That’s why we work with your senior financial leadership to help develop and execute investment strategies that meet your specific objectives. With our industry insights and experience, Huntington Capital Marketsâ„  can help you preserve capital, maintain liquidity, and achieve competitive yields, while managing risk within your parameters.

We work with a wide array of sophisticated institutions:
  • Private companies
  • Public entities
  • Non-profits
  • Financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Asset managers

We focus on what’s best for you.

Huntington Capital Markets’ experienced investment team is not bound by proprietary investments and so we are free to recommend unbiased solutions that meet your specific objectives. Working with Huntington Capital Markets, you benefit from direct-to-treasury structuring and pricing. In addition, you have access to the breadth of fixed income solutions and a network of dealers and issuers who can help you identify the right bond at the right price. At Huntington Capital Markets, we do not charge a management fee and all bonds are quoted on a net-yield basis, which can help strengthen your bottom line.

Products and Services

No management fees are included. All investments are quoted on a net yield basis.


• FDIC-Insured Funds
• Money Market Funds
• Commercial Paper
• Government Debt
• Agency Debt
• Corporate Debt
• Municipal Debt
• Structured Products
• Mortgage-backed Securities


• Customized Investment Portfolios
• Investment Policy Design
• Real Time Market Data (Bloomberg)
• Economic/Regulatory Updates
• Comprehensive Reporting
• Custody/Safekeeping
• Access to All Broker/Dealer Inventories

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