Trust and Estate Administration

Making a Difference

We begin by listening—to your goals and aspirations for the near term and the long term. With a clear understanding of your priorities and objectives, we work with you to develop and administer a coordinated approach for managing your assets and executing your plans.
Many factors, priorities and concerns must be weighed and various strategies considered-all to help decide how to put your assets to the best use for you and your interests. From time to time, you may want to make adjustments to reflect changes in your situation, your family or your thinking. At every stage, we will be there to help and to provide the context and consistency you and your family will value.

Why a Trust Might Be Right For You

Many money management, protection and transfer strategies involve the use of trusts. Trusts are time-tested legal structures that can be used to accomplish a wide variety of objectives during and after your lifetime, including:

  • Professional portfolio and asset management
  • Managing real estate and income property
  • Settling or administering a loved one's estate
  • Managing your interests if you are unable
  • Financial services for dependents or beneficiaries
  • Gifting to your children and grandchildren
  • Education funding
  • Managing assets for family members with special needs
  • Guardianships
  • Securing liquidity for family-owned businesse
  • Providing for continuation and transfer of family-owned or closely held business
  • Supporting charitable endeavors
  • Funding endowments

Entrust Your Legacy to Huntington

A legacy is built over time and begins with a plan. It is about taking care of what's important to you now and what you want to take care of in the future. Whether you are responsible for handling someone else's affairs, are serving as trustee or executor, or want to ensure your own plans are executed well, you can rely on our team of professionals for asset management, trust and estate services.


Let's Talk

Some of the big estate questions we can help answer:

  • How does a trust fit into my overall plan?

  • Why should I name a bank as trustee instead of a family member?

You can contact your local branch.