Insurance Services

Huntington Insurance, Inc., makes it easier for you to include insurance as a part of your overall financial plan.

Do you have enough life insurance to support your family? Is your business properly protected from property and casualty loss? Have you considered long-term care insurance? Identifying potential risks and finding the right insurance coverage to minimize your exposure can feel daunting. Let Huntington Insurance, Inc., help you find the answers.

Insurance Services
Personalized Protection

Every high-value home, high-net-worth individual, and high-profile business has unique risks. Huntington Insurance serves as your advocate in the insurance marketplace–investigating niche carriers to help secure insurance products at competitive prices. In life insurance alone, we've negotiated more than $3 billion in face amount policies for clients in the last five years.

Full Spectrum Coverage

An Insurance Risk Advisor will make recommendations to help craft on insurance strategy that aligns with your long-term financial and investment goals. Types of coverage to explore include:

  • Life, long-term care, disability, home, auto, umbrella and valuable articles insurance
  • Professional liability, property and casualty, and group insurance for your business and employees
Ongoing Needs Assessment

As your needs evolve, your personalized insurance strategy should remain in alignment. With your permission, your Insurance Risk Advisor will work in conjunction with you and your legal and tax advisors to conduct regular evaluations of your insurance plan to ensure expectations are met.

Digital Banking

As a Private Bank customer, you need services to help you manage your wealth effectively—and that includes tools you can use digitally.

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Banking & Investing News

When it comes to making sound financial decisions, it’s important to take current financial events into account. Find recent and relevant financial updates and opinions here.

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